Resident’s Agreements


Recovering Hands rules and Program description help residents understand the expectations and benefits of the program. Residents will receive a copy of these agreements upon admission.
Recovering Hands CEO will review this document with the resident and the resident will sign a copy of the agreements indicating the review.

Resident Agreements:

While many aspects of the residency plan are individualized, ALL residents are required to:

  1. Abstain from drug and alcohol use
  2. Develop and follow individualized recovery plans
  3. Develop and follow a weekly activity schedule
  4. Actively participate in formal and informal recovery-specific activities (including attending at least 7 meetings, 1 or more face-to-face sponsor sessions weekly, and reaching out for support from sponsor and recovery coach during times of distress). This includes all in- house 12-step meetings
  5. Actively participate in weekly relapse prevention group, process group and life skills
  6. Actively participate in weekly community meetings and morning meditation meeting
  7. Actively participate in productive activities
  8. Actively participate in fitness and fun in recovery opportunities
  9. Follow medication recommendations as prescribed and work with counselors or other staff & doctors to address medication concerns.
  10. Join with fellow residents to plan, prepare, enjoy and clean-up of all shared meals weekly
  11. Join with fellow residents to maintain a clean living quarters
  12. Practice common courtesy, respect & recovery support for fellow residents and staff
  13. Practice relationship and sexual abstinence
  14. There is no vaping Smoking is permitted in designated smoking areas only. Responsibly dispose of all cigarette butts and trash each day.
  15. Every Recovering Hands Day begins promptly by 8:00 with breakfast, chores, possibly a trip to the gym and a morning meditation meeting at 9:00
  16. Mobile phones will be taken for at least the first 30 days of your residency and given back at the discretion of the Recovering Hands staff. Residents are not to use any electronic equipment for access to social media or personal messaging or phone calls. Violation of this prohibition may result in your immediate eviction.
  17. Refrain from being in your bed, unless you have an excuse, between the hours of 8:00am and 7:30pm.
  18. Music that seems contrary to maintaining a recovery conducive atmosphere will be discouraged.
  19. Expect random drug Refusal to submit to testing is an admission of guilt and grounds for immediate eviction with no refund of any kind.
  20. All food must be stored in the kitchen. 
  21. You have 30 minutes after you have finished a meal to clean up all your dishes.
  22. Your personal area, such as the area in and around your bed, must be kept clean.

Each resident is required to have a guarantor who commits to Recovering Hands to meet the financial terms and who guarantees payment of fees for the length of their program. The resident may act as their own guarantor, but is required to have a secondary guarantor in the event the resident is unable to fulfill the financial commitment. (Contact for the Guarantor Form)

  1. Each resident is expected to participate in all scheduled activities
  2. Each resident agrees to a personalized recovery plan and standards of recovery living that apply to all residents
  3. Each resident must allow the other resident(s) to be aware of, and hold him or her accountable for, the terms of their personalized residency
  • Participation fees include housing in our Recovering Hands housing accommodations, utilities, food, recovery coaching, and rides to daily 12 step meetings. The only known daily expenses not included are costs for transportation beyond what Recovering Hands is providing to all residents, medications and other medical expenses, counseling services that are beyond those included in the Recovering Hands Program fee, personal toiletries, and cigarettes.
    • POSSIBLE ADDITIONAL FEES: Breathalyzer testing and urine drug testing fees are included as part of the residency. In some cases, sweat patch drug testing may be chosen in lieu of urine drug testing and will also be included in residency. Some form of abstinence verification will be used for all residents.
    • Although food is included in the monthly rate, those residents who wish to maintain a special diet will be required to be responsible for the added expense of their own individualized special needs. We focus on healthy living in all areas which include healthy eating. Fried foods, sodas and sweets are not a regular part of our diet.
    • Each resident must provide his own personal toiletries, and Laptops are allowed and cell phones will be allowed on a limited basis after the first month. Internet-live computers and printers may be available to residents in the final weeks of their 3-month residency. There are no telephone landlines or televisions in the living quarters.
    • It is understood that there will be no property insurance coverage for the residents or their belongings, and by signing this document, the Recovering Hands resident and guarantor hold harmless and release Recovering Hands from any and all
    • This agreement shall apply only to the period of up to 90 days but may be extended upon mutual agreement.

Details of Recovering Hands Program Fees

Recovering Hands recommends a 90-day program. Additional fees may be charged as described in the ADDITIONAL FEE statement above. The 90-day program fee includes 3-months of shared alcohol and drug-free living, drug testing, life skills and recovery coaching, rides to and from meetings and medication support valued at $3000/mo. Regular Total Monthly Fee (shared living quarters) $3000 for 30 days.

Resident Signature below indicates you have read and agree to follow the terms of Recovering Hands Residential Program Participation as outlined in this document.