Recovering Hands Scholarships

Craig Buley Memorial Scholarship Fund

Recovering Hands is a State of Virginia Accredited Consumer Operated non-profit residential health and well-being extended-care center. Our program focuses on teaching the life skills necessary to maintain long term recovery from substance use.  Our focus is on reclaiming lives.  Our product is a new way of life. 

We have an intensive 3-month program designed to enable our residents to heal and live a new way of life without drugs.  Longer term programs are available when circumstances warrant.  Studies like the DARP project  have shown that 28 days is not enough.  In fact, according to those findings, the percentage with favorable outcomes improved in direct proportion to the length of time spent in treatment beyond 90 days.  Twenty-eight days may be enough for an addict’s brain to try and start thinking correctly; more often, however, it takes months to begin to change old ways of thinking and behaving.  During the first month at Recovering Hands we focus on reclaiming the person’s physical, mental and spiritual wellness.  The second month helps the addict/alcoholic to form some new connections to the recovery way of life and a recovery network, and in the third month that focus continues with the addition of building her recovery assets. We try to help our residents obtain those things they will need in order to sustain long term recovery; further education, jobs, homes, transportation, etc.

The Recovering Hands Program is not covered by insurance.  Our scholarship program relies almost entirely on the generous donations of the businesses and individuals in our community and neighboring communities.  We fight the effects of this Opioid Epidemic one grateful life at a time. With your donations we offer scholarships to those who would not otherwise be able to come to our extended-care center.

Studies show that we are finally moving more toward realizing that addiction is an illness, and, as with other illnesses, there can be hope. 

Please help us help the women in our communities; our daughters, sisters, best friends, mothers, aunts, grandmothers, granddaughters and even someone you know and love that may need a safe place to rehabilitate their life because of drug abuse. 

For more information or details on our program, please call us at 860-469-5462.

We thank you for your time, consideration, and any donation you can make.  Recovering Hands is a 501(c)3. Donors can deduct contributions under IRC Section 170.  Please make checks payable to Recovering Hands.  DLN: 26053612002185

In 2018, Kim Adams, CEO and founder of Recovering Hands lost her youngest brother to an overdose and she set up this scholarship fund in his memory. During the Covid pandemic many of our funding resources became unavailable and we find ourselves in desperate need of scholarship money to help the women and families who contact us or get referred to our program.  With your donations, we can offer scholarships to those who would not otherwise be able to come to our extended-care center.  We can also use your donations to house graduates of our program and to set up indigent packages for our Sober Living House. Our Men’s sober living house is scheduled to open on October 1st, 2021 and will help men in extended recovery as they join the workforce and become contributing citizens either again, or possibly for the first time. We fight the effects of this Opioid Epidemic and all drug and alcohol related problems, one grateful life at a time.

Thank you for your consideration for making your tax deductible donation to Recovering Hands today. We want nothing more than to continue our mission to save lives and raise the collective health and wellbeing of each client we serve.

Your donation is tax deductible.

DLN: 26053612002185

Thank you for helping us help the community, state, country, and the world we live in to aspire to a cleaner drug free way of life.  It is to all our benefit to help one another with love and respect to reach higher on the path of life to obtain a better understanding of community and clean living.

For any questions or concerns, call:  860-309-1404 and speak with the CEO and founder of Recovering Hands, Kim Adams.

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