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Please consider donating to our scholarship fund. Many women contact us hoping to turn their lives around, but they have no resources to draw from. Please help!

Recovering Hands is a women’s residential health and well-being extended-care center located in Halifax county. Our mission is to rebuild healthy minds and bodies through peer support, counseling and intensive life skills components. Our focus is on reclaiming lives!

Our vision is to ensure women with substance use issues, who may or may not be coming out of rehabilitation treatment centers and Department of Corrections Facilities, have access to optimal substance use residential support services. Our focus is on reclaiming lives!

About Us

Recovering Hands is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing support and residential treatment to women suffering the effects of substance use.

Our Residential Support Services Include:
• Comprehensive evaluation and recovery treatment planning
• 24-hour supervision
• Medication accountability
• Certified peer recovery support, counselors, life skills coaches and therapists as needed
• Community meeting and dining rooms
• Ongoing individual inventories of challenges and progresses
• Specialty group and peer group daily meetings with topics such as substance use and recovery, introduction to 12 step programs, faith based recovery, sexuality, self-esteem, family patterns, assertiveness and interpersonal relationships
• Exercise Classes, access to our on site gym, Yoga, Meditation, Art and Equine Therapy, Farming, Ranching, wood-working, gardening, canning, candle making, soap making and aquaponics
• Life Skills workshops geared towards increased learning on how to shop for and prepare nutritional meals, time management – balancing life, children, work, recovery, how to buy and maintain a vehicle or take public transportation, budgeting 101, balancing a checkbook, parenting classes, how to create a resume, seeking gainful employment, building resiliency and self esteem, and becoming a useful productive member of society.
• Daily 12 Step and/or Faith Based Recovery Meetings.

Please visit our website at and contact me if you have further questions about Recovering Hands. #recoveringhands #recoveringhandssaleitems

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