Men’s Sober Living Fund

Recovering Hands will be opening a Men’s sober living house in South Boston by October 1st. Recovering Hands men’s sober house will have 5 beds for men who want support in their new way of life.

Having a place to go where you can work your healthy new lifestyle and recovery program is a huge benefit to help stay the course of sobriety and clean living.  This new sober house will raise the entire community up and increase the health rate both on a mental and physical level.   The Men’s house has been purchased and is scheduled to open in by October 1st. 

Our collective efforts toward helping addicts and alcoholics learn a new way of life will improve our communities and our world.

To do our work, Recovering Hands need supporters and funds.  If you, the reader of this message, would like to donate a gift of funds for scholarships , indigent packages or funds and/or home supplies for the Sober living houses, it is very much appreciated.  Some of the home supplies needed are:

Flat screen T.V., laptops, furniture, coffee makers, microwave ovens, carpets, curtains, and clothing. 

Your donation is tax deductible.

DLN: 26053612002185

Thank you for helping us help the community, state, country, and the world we live in to aspire to a cleaner drug free way of life.  It is to all our benefit to help one another with love and respect to reach higher on the path of life to obtain a better understanding of community and clean living.

For any questions or concerns, call:  860-309-1404 and speak with the CEO and founder of Recovering Hands, Kim Adams.

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