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Reclaiming our planet one life at a time 

Recovering Hands is a quality substance abuse residential health and well-being recovery support center.  Our mission is to help women suffering from the effects of alcohol and drug abuse improve their health and wellness, learn to live a self directed life and begin to utilize the  recovery skills necessary to reach their full potential.  Through our peer recovery support services we utilize intensive life skills components.  Our focus is on reclaiming lives and we seek to assist women on their path to rebuilding their healthy minds and bodies.   We are now accepting applications.  Please call us today.

Reclaim, Restore, Recover Here at Recovering Hands

Reclaim, Restore, Recover Here at Recovering Hands

     Recovering Hands is dedicated to providing support and residential extended-care to women suffering the effects of substance abuse. Through working with a consistent advising team of peer recovery support specialists  familiar with each resident, and with input from the community, residents learn to recognize  and manage the symptoms of illness and the hallmarks of addiction, acquiring the tools to reduce the impact of these devastating forces on their lives.

     Recovering Hands adheres to a professional competency standard and uses evidence based practice models in our program. Recovering Hands offers a safe recovery based living environment for women struggling with addiction and alcoholism, insulating them from the triggers that might otherwise pull them off their paths, giving them a chance to move into long-term recovery with a solid base in place.

Mission Statement

To provide quality substance abuse residential support services leading to improved health, wellness, long-term recovery, employability and reintegration with society and families.

Vision Statement

To ensure women with substance abuse issues  have access to optimal substance abuse residential support services.

 Our Services Include

    • Comprehensive evaluation and recovery planning
    • 24 hour on-site personnel
    • Medication accountability
    • Certified Recovery and Life Skills Coaches
    • Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) facilitators
    • Ongoing individual inventories of challenges and successes
    • Peer group daily meetings with topics such as substance abuse, introduction to 12-step programs, faith based recovery, identifying and removing barriers to recovery and identifying and building upon recovery assets.
    • Creative and individualized application of recovery oriented life skills, exercise classes, access to our on site gym, yoga and meditation, 
    • Included are opportunities to work with horses and other animals on the farm to develop better self-care, greater self awareness and interpersonal skills. 
    • Farming, ranching, wood working, gardening, canning, candle making, and soap making
    • Life skills workshops geared towards learning how to shop and prepare nutritional meals, improved time management skills – balancing life, children, work, recovery, how to buy and maintain a vehicle or take public transportation, budgeting 101, how to create a resume, seeking gainful employment, becoming a useful productive member of society.
    • Daily 12  Step and/or faith based recovery meetings

The 150-acre farm at Breezy Hill is home to Recovering Hands. Breezy Hill has its roots in the Tobacco Industry. Reclaiming the Tobacco depleted land was the first stage in our vision to healing lives and families. In the second stage of our vision we built the foundation of what is now Recovering Hands.  We began with  two Tobacco Barns, and a Livestock Barn and now have a 30‘x60’ pavilion, one tobacco barn has been converted into a beautiful cabin which houses 4 residents, a bunkhouse which houses up to 3 residents, a group room, a gym and a woodworking shop. In the next phase of our building, with your help, we will provide our residents with a main meeting and dining hall large enough to house community events, retreats and all our workshops and activities.

Thank you so much for sharing in our dream,

Kim Adams

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March 6, 2019 Update:

March 2, 2019 Update:

In 2018 Recovering Hands gave $4500.00 in Scholarships to 2 of the 3 women who were able to attend our program. So far in 2019 we have been able to give $1500.00. We appreciate all of you who have made this possible!!! Yesterday’s stew raised $450.00 in scholarship money!! We are very grateful to everyone who helped, who donated and who bought the stew! Also a huge shout out to Tony Whitlow for making it! I just finished eating another bowl and really think it’s the best one I ever tasted!  Please don’t forget to visit the Recovering Hands Store. 100% of the proceeds goes to fund our scholarships. http://squareup.com/store/recovering-hands.


Please contact us if you have questions or you are interested in attending a 30, 60 or 90 Day Program here at Recovering Hands.  (860) 309-1404    info@recoveringhands.com

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